What is Permanent Eyeliner?

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Permanent eyeliner is an alternative to spending hours in the mirror applying makeup that is sure to smear by the end of the night. A makeup artist implants pigment into your eyelid with a microneedle to achieve a glam-ready look from the moment you wake up.

The treatment process takes between 1-3 hours with an additional 30 minutes for the numbing process. Within a few hours, you have a perfect smudge-free and waterproof liner that stays no matter how much you sweat or your eyes water.

Style Options

There are two permanent eyeliner styles to choose from. One option is the tight line. The pigment is added between the layers of lashes to darken your lash line and subtly enhance your eyelashes. The second option is eyeliner. This is applied above the lash line to mimic the appearance of liquid eyeliner.

Whichever option you choose, the technician will work with you to achieve your desired look by considering your facial features and the features of the liner.

The Treatment Process

Completing the treatment process is simple. The makeup artist will clean the area of your eye with an antibacterial wipe then apply numbing cream to ease the discomfort.

After the numbing cream has kicked in, microdroplets with the pigment are inserted under the skin using a permanent makeup rotary pen machine. If you experience too much pain or discomfort, more numbing cream can be applied during the treatment.

Once the desired permanent eyeliner look has been achieved, the artist will apply ointment to your eye to aid in the healing process.

The Healing Process

The healing process is quick and easy. You may experience minor swelling, but it will go away within a few days and should not prevent you from continuing your day as normal. Avoid touching the area with your hands as much as possible as it heals to prevent the transfer of bacteria from your hands to your eyes.

Do not wear mascara for a minimum of 1 week to prevent infection. Similar to the healing process of a tattoo, the pigment may scab as it settles into the skin. Do not pick at or peel the scabs. This can ruin the pigment and increase your risk of infection. Tight eyeliner heals within 3-7 days with eyeliner healing within 7-10 days because of the thicker lines.

Permanent eyeliner is the perfect solution for anyone struggling to get the perfect line. You no longer have to waste time settling on a shaky line. Your eyes will be perfectly outlined without having to do it yourself.

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