Ombre/Powder Brows

 Price: £300.00 

Ensuring the most natural, long lasting and pretty finish, ombré brows feature a defined baseline with soft pixelated fronts and tops. Full powder effect is a bit bolder but still a soft and natural finish.

Everything from a brow tint finish to more defined made up techniques offered. The perfect result to stop you reaching for the brow pencil each morning.

*Price includes top-up appointment 4-6 weeks later.
*Annual colour boosts are charged at half the original cost.
*Payment plans available.

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powder brows belfast northern ireland
Ombre permanent eyebrows Belfast

Please Note: Cover ups of old PMU available and priced on request. I MUST SEE A CLEAR PICTURE OF THE AREA.

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Powder brows at donna dorothy belfast
Powder brows belfast
Permanent makeup brows

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