Lip Tint

 Price: £200.00 

Adds a wash of colour and leaves a slight ‘lip tint’ effect. Available with or without lip liner for a borderless finish.

*One Session Only

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lip blush belfast
Permanent lips in northern ireland

Lip Blush

 Price: £345.00 

This involves colour on the border of the lips optionally blushed in to a softer colour on the inner lip. Good for asymmetry/patches in the lip or re-claiming the vermillion lip border which is often lost as we age.

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Full Lipstick Effect

 Price: £360.00 

Re-shaping the lip border and boosting the colour to match your favourite lipstick. An all over lipstick effect on healing.

*Includes top up 4-8 weeks later.
*Bi-annual Colour Boosts are half the original cost.
*Payment plans available.

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PMU northern ireland

Please Note: Cover ups of old PMU available and priced on request. I MUST SEE A CLEAR PICTURE OF THE AREA.

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subtle lip blush
lip blush and liner
lipstick tattoo belfast

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